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LaCasa - Residence, Chennai

This project called for the renovation of a dilapidated 20-year old apartment in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai. A lot of challenges were encountered while tackling the structural changes which needed delicate handling, given the age of the building. The beauty of the project was complimented with a spectacular view of the sea that it afforded, amidst the urban sprawl of Chennai.


The 3 bedroom apartment was converted into a 2 bedroom space with an open kitchen and a library atop a mezzanine. The tiny double height space gave an opportunity for this alteration. The private terrace was given a larger access by altering the intermediate wall, thereby seamlessly integrating it with the home space. The terrace was landscaped to house a covered deck area, a bar and a gym space while the rest of it was open to sky with the landscaping providing for little pockets of private spaces. 


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