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GE Sustainable Healthcare Solutions (SHS) Office, Bangalore

This office space is built in General Electric's John F. Welch Technology Center (JFWTC) at Whitefield in Bangalore. The space was partly reclaimed from an existing recreational facility and is meant to house their new venture for sustainable healthcare solutions that cater to developing nations.

The idea behind the project was to give it a semi-informal design studio feel to promote discussion and interaction, while maintaining the corporate touch of the surrounding campus. Hence, a lot of space is devoted to interpersonal and team interactions like a TV lounge, pantry, dining and other open spaces. This studio also features the Bene 'Nice Wall' concept for presentations and discussions, installed for the first time in India.

A conscious effort was made to maintain a balance between private working areas and an open ended / collaborative space. The space overlooks a lush green landscaped part of the campus. Hence the common spaces were located towards the glass facade to allow for more natural light and inspiration from nature.

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