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Urban Luxury - Residence, Chennai

This luxury home is situated in the newly raised apartments above Phoenix Marketcity Mall in Velachery, Chennai. It's strategic location offers panoramic views of the entire city. This presented an opportunity to make an open house with ample light and ventilation.

The house has a very straight-lined look, with subtle explorations in materials and textures adding to the space. The color scheme is fairly monochromatic (with wooden inserts) and splashes of color in the form of soft furnishings, planters and artefacts, add to the character of the space.


The house is about 3500 sq.ft. and houses 3 bedrooms - with one having a walk-in wardrobe, a large living room, an open kitchen and dining area, a home-theatre entertainment room and a service kitchen with servants' quarters. Every piece of furniture (fixed and loose) has been exclusively designed and custom-made to suit the interior intent of this house. 


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