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Pop House - Residence, Chennai

This pop-themed apartment is located on the outskirts of Chennai in the TVH Ouranya Bay project.

The living area, entertainment area and the dining space are cleverly merged together and yet retain their distinctness with partitions and subtle division of the space. The master bedroom maintains its spaciousness with an upholstered bed neatly integrated with a wall unit while the remainder of the space is converted into a lounge/reading area. The kids-room proved a challenge due to its circular structure. The windows were therefore used as a guild to create surfaces which integrate the study and bed along with a small library. Due to the small size of the guest bedroom a platform setting proved ideal which also serves as a surface for other activities. This left enough room for a small reading corner neatly tucked away. 

The underlying layers of the interior elements are in gray and black, mixed with local wood in the shell work. With this color scheme, the apartment did run a risk of looking too dark and lifeless, but this is offset by the use of wood enhanced by the vibrant colors of the furnishings and other artifacts in the space - which also add some spunk to this contemporary home.


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