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House on Harrington - Residence, Harrington Road, Chennai

House on Harrington is a 3300 sq.ft. duplex house. As evidenced in the images below, it was an 18-year old house calling for a facelift. The renovation effort therefore had to be sensitive to the age of the structure yet bring about a drastic change to the outlook of the house.

Thus, we retained all the pillars and toilet areas, but remade most of the walls. The space was planned to have the common areas like living, bar, lounge, dining and semi-open kitchen in the lower level. All of these spaces were open and connect to each other without any physical partitions. The upper level housed the private spaces like 3 bedrooms and a family room. The front elevation was extended to add a bit of drama, with two different depths for the balconies.

The clients were well-traveled and avid art collectors. This, along with their love for the coziness of wood needed to reflect in their house and yet give it a contemporary look. One will hence notice the ample use of wood and warm hues in the house.

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