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The beauty of Italian design adapted to Indian needs gets exemplified in this home. It is designed for a family of four. Centrally located in the upscale Kotturpuram area of Chennai, this home also doubles as a model home for the client, in his business of real-estate development.

The brief for this project was simple yet challenging : to make an elegant, enjoyable space with superior contemporary finishes, that suited the client's lifestyle. The space within was, therefore, conceived to accommodate a large living, family and dining area along with an open kitchen to stimulate conversation. In addition, three bedrooms, a secondary service kitchen with in-house quarters for their domestic help, and a large open balcony with wall gardens complete the home.

There is an obvious grid that flows throughout the house. A base palette of gray, black and white is punctuated with some pop highlights to add a dash of color to the space. The glass and gold render a certain sense of rich elegance to the place. The furniture is a mixture of Italian and Indian make, carefully picked or manufactured to suit the design intent of the space. 


Casa Italiano - Residence, Chennai

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